Introduction to the Twinco Flying Club

March 1st, 2009. Filed under: General.

Twinco Flying Club was formed in the 1960s by a group of employees from IBM and Texaco – nicknamed, back then, as “the twin companies.”

Currently the club owns two IFR certified and maintained Cessna 172 aircraft and membership is limited to 20 members. It’s based at Dutchess County Airport / KPOU and meet the third Monday of the month in the main terminal in the airport on New Hackensack Road.

Frugal Operations to keep rates as low as possible

  • Membership performs wash and wax twice a year.
  • We have a fantastic volunteer maintenance officer who keeps costs super low.
  • Membership volunteers help with owner assisted annuals.
    As a result, dues and hourly flying costs are kept to a minimum.


  • $70/tach hour wet (there is a surcharge when avgas is above $5/gal)
  • $70/month dues
  • $1800.00 buy in


Members can schedule planes online or via a toll free phone number. Here are some excerpts from Twinco’s “Operating Rules”:

There is no limitation to the hours scheduled during individual weekdays except holidays.

Weekend and holiday scheduling limitations:

  • One half day per week
  • One full day per month
  • One full weekend, including holidays, per three month period

These limitations do not apply if the aircraft is not scheduled the day prior to the Saturday, Sunday, or holiday.

Long periods of scheduling are available with President or Vice-President approval:

  • Four to eight consecutive days per three month period
  • Nine to fifteen consecutive days per six month period
  • Twenty two consecutive days is the maximum period that a club aircraft may be scheduled.